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Applications by all families

Admissions to students

CIS admits students at all year levels and warmly welcomes applications by all families. CIS seeks to enroll a student body that is diverse in its ethnic, national and socio-economic composition and prepared to take on the demands of a rigorous and multifaceted academic program in two languages – English and Chinese (Mandarin).

Our Easy 6 Steps

Step 1: Enquire

We have a rolling admission procedure. All applications are addressed immediately.

Contact the KIS Admissions Office or click here to download the admissions kit.

Form I-0 Instructions

Form I-1 Application for admission

Form I-2 Parent statement

Form I-3 Student application

From I-4 Reference for student

Form I-5 Scholastic record

Step 2: Complete and return application

All forms in this kit must be completed by the parents and student(s). We would also like to see the candidate’s academic records for the last 3 years, plus the three reference forms, birth certificate, and/or copy of their passport. However, students who are in 10th standard need not wait for the board examination results – they can forward them when they arrive.

Step 3: Schedule visit to KIS

Students who are residents of SAARC countries should visit KIS for testing and interview. During the visit the prospective student and his / her family will meet with the Admissions Officer, the Dean of Residential Life and be interviewed by a faculty member. He / she will also be required to sit a general aptitude test in English and Math and write an essay on a topic of interest.

Step 4: Track KIS application forms

The KIS Admissions office will contact you each time they receive paperwork from you to ensure that all forms required have been received. The Admissions office requires clear communication directly with the parents / guardians of all prospective students during the entire admissions process. Candidates are welcome to contact the Admissions office regarding concerns or questions.

Step 5: KIS registration

After completion of all paperwork and following the visit, the KIS Admissions Committee will meet to determine if the prospective student has met the criteria to be accepted to Kodaikanal International School. If an appropriate match has been made, KIS Admissions Coordinator will send a letter of acceptance to the prospective student and his / her parents

Step 6: Enrollment

Once the College receives a letter of acceptance from the applicant, it will confirm admission forthwith subject to the payment of fees. Successful applicants shall be enrolled as bona fide KIST students on the completion of this process!

Admission Enquiry

Year When Admission Is Required

Student Status