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Welcome To Our School Tripura Secondary school

Tripura Secondary School was founded in 2007 AD as co-educational English Medium Day School in Kathmandu to cater the need of quality schooling in the context of 21st century learning. Education is an asset of every individual. This fact cannot be ignored in today’s globalized world. For some decades in Nepal, the ultimate goal of education has been to be a doctor or an engineer or a technician or empower students to get a job without placing value in personal integrity. Success at any cost and by any means is misleading the entire Nepalese society. The major focus has been placed on fluency of speech in English, doing homework and securing position in exami- nation. Community assesses school children by marks they obtain in examination rather than their cognitive, social, emotional, psychological, motor and moral development. Parents never think of how dutiful the child has been after school; how helpful and sociable she/he has been. Schools are providing mere theoretical knowledge: practical and behavioral aspects of education are underestimated. We have realized that the goal should be to become a good citizen along with the content of information. The current need of the nation is education for meaningful life. We believe few educated good people can influence and ignite change among larger mass.

The prime goal of the education should be profession oriented with humanity and ethics. Children should be responsible and accountable to the world, nation, community and family. Tripura Secondary School is established to address these issues and its activities are conducted to accomplish these goals. Though it is very challenging, innovative and creative; it is not impossible to achieve. The whole child, or whole person focus of learning can bring miraculous changes in students. Tripura Secondary School is an effort of a group of educators who are working for improving traditional instructional approaches. Since its inception,Tripura Secondary School is emerging as most sought after 21st Century education center and has been a source of inspiration for many other educational institutions in Nepal. It has been generally observed that many parents have been taking their children abroad seeking better education from Nepal’s schools whereas we have many examples of comeback. Tripura team is proud to share that this institution has provided education with global standard with local values.

Message From Principal

As the saying goes “Well begun is half done”, Tripura is a school opened with well-tailored vision and mission with action followed by. The team of Tripura believes that a child has many possibilities. Educating him/her is not merely to train to read and write, but a lot more than that. Developing the habit of learning, instilling curiosity and shaping him/her a decent person are some important components. At the same time, it is a challenging job. Modern Researches in Psychology, Education and Sociology have proven that a person is what he experienced, learnt and perceived in his childhood be it at school or home or community.

In accordance with the time and value of world order at present, every individual is to be prepared to play the best part in his life/career. Success in career and failure in family as well as life are common instances of modern developed world, A child has to internalize from the very beginning that cooperation and love should begin from our side first.

Tripura’s endeavor is to disseminate value based global education. Literally saying, they are going to live in a borderless global world where there will be thousands of opportunities and hundreds of fire tests. To meet these ambitious goals: School, students and parents/guardians have equal responsibility. Tripura Family is determined to attain that goal.

A school with Global Standards with Local Values.

Transportation Incharge (TI) manage everything to ensure the safe and timely transportation of children to and from school.

Meals and snacks include a variety of food groups including meat and meat alternatives, bread and grains, fruits, vegetables and fluid milk provided by Industrial Automation Co.

We warmly invite you to visit us and experience first-hand how our School is different.

Mr. John Doe, Head of School